Property Management

As both owner and operator, Hobbs Brook Management is committed to providing its tenants and their employees with a reliable and fully functional business environment. Thanks to our loyal tenants, Hobbs Brook has continued to own and operate Class A office space for more than 60 years. We are fortunate to be in a business that relies so heavily upon trusted relationships.

Did you know that Hobbs Brook Management is a full-service, on-site management firm? This means we employ our own plumbing, electrical and HVAC technicians to take care of our buildings instead of relying on off-site contractors. The benefit for you is the highest level of personable customer service in response to all of your maintenance needs.



Trish Holland is the real estate manager in charge of leasing for Hobbs Brook Management and FM Global. This soft-spoken dynamo knows her way around a negotiating table, often changing the course of action with one thoughtfully spoken idea or assertion. Always quick with a smile and willing to listen, Trish prides herself on maintaining clear, consistent and pleasant communication with tenants, brokers, contractors, and her executive team.