95 Hayden Ave Lexington, MA 02421

Property Information

Built: Acquired: 2012

Stories: Five

Total Building Area: 202,492 SF

Construction Type: Brick exterior

Elevator(s): Four passenger elevators and one freight elevator

Parking: 687 spaces total

95 Hayden Avenue is established within a beautiful campus-like setting.

Parking Regulations

General Parking

Hobbs Brook Management tenants, visitors, and vendors shall abide by all posted parking and traffic regulations. Tenants and visitors shall refrain from parking in reserved parking areas designated for handicap parking, loading docks, HBM vehicles and assigned tenant spaces.

95 Hayden Avenue is routinely patrolled by security personnel who issue citations to parking regulation violators. Violators’ automobiles will be towed for repeat offenses at owners’ expense.

Overnight Parking

Individuals requiring overnight parking should notify security at (781) 906-3202 or (781) 890-0777 with vehicle owners’ name, make, model, registration information and duration of parking needs along with a contact phone number.


HBM provides bicycle racks for the tenant’s convenience. Please do not bring bicycles into the office buildings.

Snow Emergency Parking

Hobbs Brook Management has designated several locations throughout the Park for snow emergency parking and will provide information on a seasonal basis.

If you must leave your car overnight in the event of a snowstorm, it is imperative that you use the designated parking areas. This will allow us to more readily clean the lots of snow and ice. Vehicles not removed under these circumstances are subject to towing. Please contact security at (781) 906-3202 or (781) 890-0777 for specific locations.

Local Information

Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington was first settled circa 1642 as part of Cambridge, Massachusetts. What is now Lexington was then incorporated as a parish, called Cambridge Farms, in 1691. This allowed them to have a separate church and minister, but were still under jurisdiction of the Town of Cambridge. Lexington was incorporated as a separate town in 1713. It was then that it got the name Lexington. How it received its name is the subject of some controversy. Some people believe that it was named in honor of Lord Lexington, an English peer. Some, on the other hand, believe that it was named after Lexington (which was pronounced and today spelled Laxton) in Nottinghamshire, England.

Source: Wikipedia

Lexington Community Website

Three Fun Facts about Lexington:

  1. Lexington is famous for being the site of the “shot heard ‘round the world” – the first shot of the American Revolutionary War, in the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775.
  2. Several Nobel Prize winners have called Lexington home, including Mario Molina, Salvador Luria, Nicolaas Bloembergen, Konrad Bloch and Peter A. Diamond.
  3. Lexington is known as the birthplace of American liberty.
Additional Services
  • On-site maintenance