81 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02451

Hobbs Brook Office Park Map
Property Information

Built: 1989

Stories: 3

Total Building Area: 85,000 square feet

This three-story building with glass entries features on-site dining and fitness facilities, as well as surface parking for approximately 280 cars.  Located directed off Mass. Interstate 128, 81 Wyman Street is one of the most visible buildings in the metro-west marketplace.

Parking Regulations

General Parking

Hobbs Brook Management tenants, visitors, and vendors shall abide by all posted parking and traffic regulations. Tenants and visitors shall refrain from parking in reserved parking areas designated for handicap parking, loading docks, HBM vehicles and assigned tenant spaces.

Hobbs Brook Office Park is routinely patrolled by security personnel who issue citations to parking regulation violators. Violators’ automobiles will be towed for repeat offenses at owners’ expense.

Please notify the Management Office at (781) 890-2128 regarding any special parking conditions that you may have.

Overnight Parking

Individuals requiring overnight parking should notify the Management Office with vehicle owners’ name, make, model, registration information and duration of parking needs.

Areas have been designated for overnight parking. Please contact the HBM office for specific locations.


HBM provides bicycle racks for the tenant’s convenience. Please do not bring bicycles into the office buildings.

Snow Emergency Parking

Hobbs Brook Management has designated several locations throughout the Park for snow emergency parking and will provide information on a seasonal basis.

If you must leave your car overnight in the event of a snowstorm, it is imperative that you use the designated parking areas. This will allow us to more readily clean the lots of snow and ice. Autos not removed under these circumstances are subject to towing. Please contact the Management Office at (781) 890-2128 or by e-mail at management@hobbsbrook.com for specific locations.

Local Information

Waltham, Massachusetts

Waltham is a city on the Charles River with a population of about 58000, about 10 miles west of Boston. It was formed in 1738 when it separated from Watertown. The mayor is Jeannette McCarthy. The Waltham Watch Factory, founded in the 1850’s, pioneered the mass production of watches. The city was named after Waltham, England.

Waltham Community Website

Five Facts about Waltham:

  1. Formed in 1738 when it separated from the city of Watertown
  2. Commonly referred to as Watch City because of its association with the watch industry. The Waltham Watch Factory, founded in 1854, pioneered the production of watches.
  3. Paul Moody, the inventor and developer of the cotton loom, is the namesake of Waltham’s restaurant-lined Moody Street.
  4. During the 1970s, Boston rock band Aerosmith had a studio in Waltham known as “The Wherehouse.”
  5. Along with Hobbs Brook Management, Brandeis University and Bentley College are among the top employers in the city.
Additional Services
  • On-site catering
  • Preferential parking for hybrid vehicles
  • On-site property management
  • ForeFront Conference Center
  • Easy on/off 128/95 at Wyman Street
  • Route 128/95 visibility
  • Discounted rate on shuttle bus service to Alewife Station
  • On-site and roving security
  • Waltham Tourism Bureau