1301 Atwood Avenue, Johnston RI, 02919

Property Information

Photos ©Warren Patterson

Built: 2014

Stories: Three

Total Building Area: 338,600 SF

Typical Floor Size: 123,500 SF

Construction Type: Pre-stressed concrete

Elevator(s): Seven passenger elevators and one freight elevator

Parking: 1300 spaces total, located off of each separate lobby access point

LEED® Gold Certified

This new Class A office building in the Northwoods Office Park was completed in the fall of 2014 and offers 338,600 SF of Class A office space. The result of another successful design from Margulies Perruzzi Architects, this project includes a full service cafeteria with access to outdoor dining; showers and locker rooms as part of the exercise facility; and an on-site ATM within the building. Large, unobstructed floor plates look out onto the landscaped campus setting with its walking path and picturesque pond. Convenient and ample parking is available at each of the three distinct entry ways, and the building is located directly on the RIPTA bus line for commuters using public transportation.

Parking Regulations

General Parking

Hobbs Brook Management tenants, visitors, and vendors shall abide by all posted parking and traffic regulations. Tenants and visitors shall refrain from parking in reserved parking areas designated for handicap parking, loading docks, HBM vehicles and assigned tenant spaces.

Northwoods Office Park is routinely patrolled by security personnel who issue citations to parking regulation violators. Violators’ automobiles will be towed for repeat offenses at owners’ expense.

Please notify the Main Security Guard Station at 401-415-1416 regarding any special parking conditions that you may have. This would include any ailments or temporary impairments, email or call Security Manager, Mark E. Bilodeau at 401-415-1410, mark.bilodeau@hobbsbrook.com

Overnight Parking

Individuals requiring overnight parking should notify the Main Security Guard Station with vehicle owners’ name, make, model, registration information and duration of parking needs along with a contact phone number.

Areas have been designated for overnight parking. Please contact the Main Security Guard Station for specific locations.


HBM provides bicycle racks for the tenant’s convenience. Please do not bring bicycles into the office buildings

Snow Emergency Parking

Hobbs Brook Management has designated several locations throughout the Park for snow emergency parking and will provide information on a seasonal basis.

If you must leave your car overnight in the event of a snowstorm, it is imperative that you use the designated parking areas. This will allow us to more readily clean the lots of snow and ice. Autos not removed under these circumstances are subject to towing. Please contact the Main Security Guard Station at 401-415-1416 or by e-mail the Security Manager, mark.bilodeau@hobbsbrook.com for specific locations.

Local Information

Johnston, Rhode Island

Johnston was initially part of the town of Providence. Later in 1758, it was separated from the town and incorporated on March 6, 1759. It was named after August Johnston, the colonial attorney general. The town’s first meeting was held on April 18, 1759, in order to elect the officers. The meeting was held at the house of Benjamin Belknap. To read more, please click here.

Johnston Community Website

Three Fun Facts about Johnston:

  1. Johnston was named for the current colonial attorney general, Augustus Johnston, who was later burned in effigy during the Stamp Act protests in 1765 and then fled Rhode Island as a Tory during the American Revolution in 1779.
  2. In the year 2000, 46.7% of Johnston Residents identified themselves as being of Italian heritage – the highest percentage of Italian Americans of any municipality in the country.
  3. Samuel Ward King (1786-1851), 15th Governor of Rhode Island, was born in Johnston to William Borden King and Welthian Walton. He attended Brown University, became a medical doctor, and worked as a surgeon during the war of 1812. He married Catherine Latham Angell, with whom he had fourteen children.
Additional Services
  • Full service cafeteria with access to outdoor dining
  • Showers/Locker rooms and exercise facility
  • Access to RIPTA bus line (Rhode Island Public Transit Authority)