Security Team

Konstantin Berezovsky

Site Security Manager, Norwood

Jovial by nature, Konstantin appreciates the camaraderie of tenants and employees on the Norwood property, and has built many working relationships through his duties as security manager, where he grants building access, responds to security alarms, and interfaces with emergency personnel. He enjoys interacting with different tenants throughout the day at the medical facility, the office buildings, and the hotel next door.  Konstantin had helped us periodically at our HBM properties in Norwood and Waltham since prior to year 2000 and has been our Site Manager in Norwood since 2009.

Mark Bilodeau

Security Manager, Johnston

As a former Rhode Island State trooper for 25 years, Mark knows how to get tough. Fortunately he hasn’t had to do that often during his ten years as the Johnston security manager. He handles all internal matters, oversees employee/human resource matters, reviews security reports and logs, manages the card access and camera systems, and works with the Police/Fire in the event of a 911 call. He’s also a liaison to the Johnston Police special response team and is a First Responder and a member of the Incident Command Team at FM Global.

Bruce G. Johnson

Manager of Security Operations (Norwood, Waltham, Wakefield, Lexington)

Bruce oversees the security operations for all Massachusetts locations. He manages both the mechanical and electrical locking systems at all of the buildings as well as in many of the tenant suites. In addition, Bruce controls extensive security camera systems at each property building. Bruce directs a 40+ person security staff along with the company’s fleet of security patrol vehicles. Working with the tenants is a very large part of the job.  Supplying support for tenant security needs, internal investigations and for assistance if a tenant requires security access to any of the buildings. Bruce was a Licensed Private Investigator in New York State from 1976 until 2006 and Licensed in Massachusetts from 1991 until the present. He began working with Hobbs Brook Management in the year 2000, first working as an outside contractor, before coming on board as an employee in 2002.

Richard Pascente

Security Manager, Park Ridge

With three buildings in his domain, Richard manages all security operations in Hobbs Brook’s Chicago office park. He’s the face of security during normal business hours, where he handles everything from issuing access cards, managing video surveillance cameras and supervising the park’s part-time security staff.

Daniel Quee

Security Manager, Waltham, Lexington, and Wakefield

Dan is the boots on the ground in Waltham, Lexington, and Wakefield, managing the on-site security matters that occur throughout the day. Since 2006 he has fielded tenant questions about access, responds to fire and intrusion alarms, and is the point person with the Fire and Police departments when 911 is called. It makes his day when a tenant simply says “I’m glad for your help.”

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