Property Management Team

Brad Swinnerton

Project Manager, Development & Construction

Brad has more than three decades of experience in commercial property management, and it shows in the high level of detail he puts into his work. As a construction project manager at Hobbs Brook, Brad is responsible for coordinating and supervising commercial real estate development projects. Whether it is an office space renovation, tenant improvement, or property repositioning, Brad successfully guides each project through to completion. Brad is dedicated to developing long-term business relationships with tenants and ensuring Hobbs Brook continues to exceed their expectations.

Amy Brackett

Tenant Relations Manager

As Hobbs Brook’s first dedicated tenant relations manager, Amy is responsible for making sure all tenants within Hobbs Brook’s properties are apprised of park-wide events, have a trusted source to contact, and that their concerns and requests are processed efficiently. She works with the real estate team to ensure all new tenants have everything they need upon move-in, from signage to a thorough explanation of policies and procedures. In addition, Amy manages the firm’s social media channels and website. With a true sense of customer service, Amy enjoys building trusting relationships with HBM’s tenants so they can rely upon her to evaluate and process any concern they may have, and take care of their every need.

Bradley Cardoso

AIA Principal Architect, Manager of Project Development and Implementation Services

With an extensive background in design and project management, Brad manages the design and construction activities within Hobbs Brook’s growing real estate portfolio while creating and maintaining a corporate standard that delivers energy efficiency and stringent standards of quality. Brad is responsible for leading the design and project implementation process of new buildings and major renovations for Hobbs Brook’s entire real estate portfolio and corporate field offices worldwide. Brad manages and provides technical oversight to a team of project management professionals executing numerous real estate development assignments including; construction, expansion, and relocation of corporate field offices worldwide, ground up real estate construction, re-positioning of real estate assets, tenant improvement projects, and life cycle building system replacements from project inception to completion. Brad has an exquisite attention to detail which helps him ensure that his projects run smoothly and deliver the highest quality result.

Santo A. Dettore III

Assistant Real Estate Manager, Development & Construction

As a member of the Hobbs Brook Real Estate team, Santo is involved with all new property development and construction efforts, managing new projects from design outset to tenant occupancy. Taking the time to find the vision of his new clients, and create a plan to execute that vision with excellent service and quality, is what sets Santo, and Hobbs Brook Management, apart.

Michelle Fitts

Assistant Real Estate Manager, Leasing

Michelle truly feels a company should fully represent its tenants by making them top priority, and believes this treatment goes hand in hand with providing high quality office spaces. She focuses her talents on tenant retention and satisfaction, and applies this energy to all duties, including those required to help negotiate leases for FM Global field offices, as well as participate in construction activities for HBM tenant fit-outs. She works directly with Trish to make sure leasing activities best represent all parties involved. Her goal is to provide Hobbs Brook Management’s clients with the best and most suitable accommodations for their business needs, in addition to establishing positive and ongoing relationships.

Elizabeth Grullon

Project Manager, Development & Construction

Elizabeth has spent her career as a project manager for corporate real estate. Managing the tenant development and construction at Hobbs Brook, Elizabeth’s goal is to make her clients happy. She helps tenants plan workspace to reflect their corporate culture and manages construction efforts to ensure compliance with Hobbs Brook’s property standards. Staying on schedule and within budget is an important aspect of what Elizabeth does, as is taking stakeholder diversity of thought and opinion and getting everyone on the same page. Luckily for Hobbs Brook, Elizabeth loves what she does.

Patricia M. Holland

Real Estate Manager, Leasing

Responsible for leasing the entire Hobbs Brook real estate portfolio, Trish keeps busy by meeting with potential and existing tenants and negotiating the whole leasing process from start to finish. In addition, Trish is solely responsible for all lease negotiations for FM Global’s more than 20 field operations across the United States, Mexico and Canada. For more than 17 years, Trish has kept busy meeting with tenants on a regular basis to make sure their lease benefits all involved, and the interior environment meets their needs. Focused on tenant retention, Trish is dedicated to listening, understanding and executing upon their corporate and cultural goals.

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