Facilities Management Team

Michael Burns

Facilities Manager, Waltham and Wakefield

As a member of the Hobbs Brook family for more than 28 years, Mike has held multiple titles. He started his career as an electrician before he transitioned to Real Estate Manager in charge of construction. Most recently, Mike took over as Facilities Manager and he now oversees anything facilities-related, including HVAC, electrical and cleaning. His goals are to keep all tenants pleased, and his good days are when he is able to satisfy a customer’s needs. Staying proactive helps, and Mike always works hard to make sure each department is running at full speed.

Billy C. Doke, Jr.

Assistant Manager for Buildings and Facilities, Wakefield

As the facilities manager in Wakefield, Billy oversees 1 million square feet of tenant space within seven Class A office buildings. Billy has been a Hobbs Brook employee for more than 27 years.

George Evans

Facilities Manager, Park Ridge

George oversees the facility operations at the Park Ridge, Illinois location. He relies on his years of experience and a dedicated staff to manage the property to the highest standards. George enjoys building partnerships between Hobbs brook Management, contractors and vendors to create an environment where tenants businesses can thrive.

John F. McRae

Chief Electrician

John runs the electrical department for the Waltham and Wakefield facilities, addressing building and tenant maintenance issues, Fire Alarm and electrical needs. He’s always on the lookout for ways to improve energy efficiency, and is excited that his efforts get passed along to the company and tenant in the form of lower energy bills. John’s been with HBM for 13 years.

James F. Murby

Facilities Manager, Johnston

Jim oversees Johnston’s operations for both maintenance and small construction projects, even going so far as to attend regular construction meetings when necessary. He interacts with vendors to make sure they understand the lay of the Hobbs Brook land, and to ensure projects are conducted with the utmost level of quality and tenant consideration. Due to Jim’s 8-year legacy, when you walk around the Johnston property, everything looks pristine.

Robert Nord

Chief HVAC Manager, Waltham and Lexington

As the HVAC supervisor, Bob and his team are responsible for HBM’s buildings in Waltham and Lexington. While attending to maintenance and system issues, Bob has developed strong working relationships with park tenants while ensuring their concerns are properly addressed. Recently, his group has been able to upgrade HVAC equipment and systems in order to increase overall energy efficiency in its buildings. He’s content knowing that this value will get passed along to park tenants.

John Shea

Assistant Manager for Buildings and Facilities, Waltham

Responsible for building management, John runs daily electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and landscaping operations. Although he’s spent 14 years trying to make customers happy, his best days are when everything is running smoothly and the customer’s don’t need him at all.

Joseph Woicik

Assistant Facilities Manager, Norwood

Working with Frank, Joe helps to keep the Norwood property in pristine condition, while assisting with building renovations, space planning, and departmental moves. He also interacts with tenants on mechanical and electrical repairs and maintenance. Joe’s been with Hobbs Brook for 32 years.

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