Dining Services Team

Paul Armann

Executive Chef

An open-minded chef with a penchant for adventure, Paul oversees his kitchen properties in Waltham with one goal in mind: customer satisfaction. This family-oriented chef started working for a local butcher shop at a young age, around the same time he watched his Italian grandmother grow her own ingredients and use them to prepare wholesome and healthy meals. He also watched as his father lived his life by the golden rule: “treat others as you’d like to be treated.” It’s no surprise Paul grew into a genuine leader. He understands that demonstrating mutual respect, communication, and true teamwork is the key to success. When it comes to food, Paul is eager to try new and different ingredients and cooking techniques, even going so far as to catch cod with his bare hands to cook it with his family for dinner. Even though he loves to experiment with his creations, staff, and customers, he’s just as happy settling in with Oreos and a glass of milk.

Bryan Babeu

Executive Chef

They say “you learn something new everyday”, but for Bryan, that familiar phrase is his life’s philosophy. Inspired by the act of impacting someone’s day with his cooking, Bryan wants to continue to grow as a chef, viewing the entire industry as a life-long learning experience. He runs his kitchen in Waltham, and his team with the same outlook. With his extensive experience, he wants to pass down his knowledge and wisdom, or learn together as a team. The food industry is home to many changing trends and media sensationalism; Bryan is eager to know them all so that he can become part of the cooking evolution. With a love for eating sushi and anything Mexican or French, Bryan’s recent acquisition of a new smoker has him changing courses. He wants to push the boundaries of the food services industry and believes that failure is nothing to fear as it is the ultimate teaching lesson.

Paul C. Egan

Corporate Executive Chef, Waltham, Wakefield, Lexington, Norwood

For Paul, the only constant is change. As the Corporate Executive Chef overseeing and managing all dining facilities across Hobbs Brook’s three campuses, Paul is ultimately responsible for providing 4,500 meals daily to happy tenants during their downtime. Keeping this captive audience excited takes creativity. His background as a chef with 38 years of experience prepared him for this role. Working as a chef for hotels, country clubs, colleges, and universities across the country has taught him to be flexible and make quick decisions while thinking on his feet in the ever-evolving world of culinary art. Coupled with this extensive experience, Paul relies on the expertise of his wide array of chefs to stay true to changing food trends, his customers, and above all, quality over quantity. Despite a constantly changing environment, a few things stay the same for Paul. He enjoys the simple things in life: working with his hands, riding his Harley, trying new things, and making his colleagues smile.

Steven T. Faulkner

Corporate Executive Chef, Johnston

Steve’s responsibilities range from stocking the interactive, station-oriented corporate dining facility, to feeding the board of directors. For 15 years, he has focused on presenting the freshest and most appealing product possible, and is proud of that fact that his fresh salad bar is by far the most popular stop in the café.

Paul Sampson

Executive Chef, Wakefield

With no routine to count on, Paul is not afraid to get his apron dirty. He manages all kitchens across Hobbs Brook’s Wakefield campus and thrives on the mystery of what’s to come each day. Paul has been in the food services industry for over 35 years working in various roles. So with the changing menus, schedules, events, and personalities, Paul rolls with the punches, even stepping in as cook when the job demands. He got his start making supper for his family at the age of 13 when his mother worked late and has been in the kitchen ever since. Still using the same German-made knife he acquired in the 80s, Paul loves how mainstream the cooking profession has become thanks to media like the Food Network. The sharing of ideas and knowledge is important to Paul. He’s inspired by the constant deluge of new and interesting ways to prepare and present food, and he uses that to inspire himself and his staff.

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