Customer Service Team

Donna L. Hunter

Office Supervisor, Real Estate

With a great sense of humor and a perpetual smile on her face, Donna keeps the Real Estate group running smoothly. Aside from the day-to-day paperwork including keeping supplies stocked as well as purchase orders and Certificates of Insurance on track, Donna is the liaison between tenants and the maintenance group when help is needed. She works closely with her team to ensure her clients needs are met. For Donna, there is never a dull moment; she is able to easily roll with the punches due to her amazing energy and flexible nature.

Beata Kovalko

Administrative Assistant, Leasing and Construction

As an administrative assistant, there’s no such thing as “routine”. Beata is a dedicated and trusted colleague, working closely with Patricia Holland, Brad Cardoso, and Michael Burns to keep the leasing and construction groups running smoothly.  Don’t let her shy disposition fool you, Beata thrives on teamwork and takes charge when necessary. It’s a good thing she is always seeking new and different responsibilities, since her job pulls her in a thousand different directions. Beata’s background in real estate and customer service prepared her well for keeping up with these busy and successful teams.

Laura E. McCann

Administrative Assistant

Laura keeps the office buzzing as she responds to tenant and staff issues. She’s on the phone with tenants every day and enjoys the fact that every situation is different, requiring a different solution from a different department. She’s loved her job from day one, three years ago, and finds customer service rewarding. She likes to go home at the end of the day and know Hobbs Brook’s tenants are happy – and she knows how important it is because she was an HBM tenant for 41 years!

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