Rideshare and 128 Business Council

Hobbs Brook Management is proud of its involvement with the 128 Business Council, an alternative transportation and pro-sustainability solution for the 128 West region. Through this partnership, Hobbs Brook Management is able to extend discounted rates on shuttle fares from Waltham to the Alewife T Station in Cambridge. Hobbs Brook Office Park is on the Route A shuttle schedule, and can be accessed from 225 Wyman Street, 404 Wyman Street and 590 Lincoln Street.


All tenants of the Hobbs Brook Office Park can ride the shuttle with a valid member ID card. Just show the driver your card when you board the shuttle at one of the bus vestibules along Wyman Street. To obtain a member ID card, please contact Laura McCann.

The Route 128 corridor is the fastest growing part of the Boston Metropolitan area. To help our community navigate this growth, the 128 Business Council was created to provide alternative transportation options and sustainable growth solutions that help its members.

As advocates for a greener community and better transportation solutions, The 128 Business Council offer a series of shuttles that connect major employers, educational institutions and neighborhood communities to existing public transit. The shuttle service helps commuters get to and from their destinations more efficiently and reduces Route 128 West and related roadway congestion. By improving the experience of everyone traveling in the area, we are able to enhance the overall appeal of our region.


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128 Business Council is funded by private business memberships in addition to project specific state and federal agency transportation project grants.

As a complement to our shuttle services, the 128 Business Council advocates community awareness of sustainable alternatives, green building certification (LEED) and pro-environment practices to further enhance the health and vitality of our region and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For more information on the 128 Business Council, please visit www.128bc.org.