As both owner and operator of its properties, Hobbs Brook Management is committed to delivering high quality, productive, and sustainable office environments to tenants. In continuing efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, Hobbs Brook has installed several solar arrays, with more in the works. Each solar array is constructed on existing structures, mostly parking garages. With solar arrays at 404 Wyman Street, 275 Wyman Street, 95 Hayden Avenue, 701 Edgewater, and 601 Edgewater coming soon, Hobbs Brook is now up to 2.9 MW of solar energy.

275 solar

The renewable energy systems will provide the following benefits:

  1. Zero carbon emissions.
  2. Provide covered parking at the top level of the garage for tenants and visitors.
  3. Reduce snow removal and salting operations.
  4. Over 16 million kilowatts of electrical generation over system’s lifetime.
  5. Total annual energy generated saves 460 gallons of CO2 emissions, 52,000 gallons of gas, and 3650 light bulbs.