Green Buildings

Hobbs Brook Management is committed to providing its tenants with sustainable work environments. We strive to provide constant sustainable upgrades our existing buildings and ensure that new buildings are constructed with green practices in mind. Eight of Hobbs Brook’s buildings are LEED® Certified. LEED certified buildings are categorized by the USGBC as being resource efficient and using less water and energy. To learn more about LEED cerfication, click here.


Hobbs Brook has been incorporating energy efficiency and green building practices into the construction and renovation of its buildings for more than three decades. These green buildings reduce negative environmental impacts, increase worker productivity, and improve indoor air quality for a more healthful workplace.

175 Wyman St – LEED Gold
235 Wyman St – LEED Certified
275 Wyman St – LEED Gold
303 Wyman St – LEED Certified
333 Wyman St – LEED Certified
404 Wyman St – LEED Gold
610N Lincoln Street – LEED Gold

1301 Atwood Ave – LEED Gold