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In Memory of Greg Dwyer

By on Nov. 09, 2016

WALTHAM, Mass. – November 9, 2016
On October 18, 2016, we lost a special member of the Hobbs Brook family, one that will never be forgotten. Greg Dwyer worked for Hobbs Brook dining services for 31 years. Greg was from Brooklyn Heights, NY but lived in Watertown, MA. He loved taking the bus and knew every bus stop and street name all throughout the city.


Greg had extremely close relationships with his manager, Duane Sullivan and Hobbs Brook President and CEO, Tom Dusel. One of Greg’s favorite things to do was have breakfast with Tom and Duane, which usually consisted of a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin.


“We lost a good friend and long-time member of the Hobbs Brook family. For all of his 31 years as a loyal employee and valuable member of the food service staff, Greg Dwyer touched the hearts of everyone who had the privilege to know him. He will be deeply missed.” – Tom Dusel

Greg was a huge Patriots fan and always looked forward to going to a game every year with Duane, which Tom would send them to. Before the game, the two friends would always have brunch at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood. Whether Greg was going to the Patriots game or watching it on TV, he was always thrilled to talk about the game at work on Monday mornings. greg2

Greg and Duane had a 20+ year friendship. In a previous interview, Greg was quoted saying “Duane is my good friend and he takes care of me”. See the full interview here. Whether they were cooking together, going to the Patriots game, or having breakfast together, Greg and Duane were true friends and shared a special bond.

“My friend Greg was the guy who walked into a Hobbs Brook cafeteria that everybody wanted to talk to and get to know. He brightened up my days as well as theirs. He will be forever remembered by all the friends and acquaintances he ever made or touched. We have lost a Hobbs Brook icon!” – Duane Sullivan

It is very evident that Greg made an enormous impact on all of the people around him. He has left a gaping hole in the cafeteria at 610S Lincoln Street and is missed by all who knew him. Greg was truly a gem and he will be remembered forever.




Donations, in lieu of flowers, can be made to the Beaverbrook STEP Program in Watertown, MA.

Beaverbrook STEP, Inc.
85 Main Street, 2nd floor
Watertown, MA 02472

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One response to “In Memory of Greg Dwyer”

  1. Russell Nichols says:

    enjoyed morning coffee with this Gentle Man almost every work day, I consider him a friend of mine and I miss him

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