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Remembering Annemarie Corazzini

By on Feb. 01, 2016

February 1, 2016- As we embark on a new year, we reflect on an important part of the Hobbs Brook team that we lost in 2015, the beloved Annemarie Corazzini.  Anne worked as an Administrative Coordinator for Hobbs Brook Management for over 20 years.  She was the life of our office, always at the center of HBM happenings and all of our tenants knew and loved her.  Anne answered our Tenant Line, always eager to help out the tenants in any way she could.


Anne had an amazing love for her family.  Photos of her family were hung up all over her desk, computer, and walls surrounding her desk.  We all loved hearing about her nieces and nephews.

Annie & Her Sisters

Annie & Her Sisters

Some of Annie’s closest friends and co-workers share their most precious memories: 

Annie & Franca

Annie & Franca

“Annie was one of my dearest and closest friends, and I was very fortunate to have known her.  Annie had a huge heart and she dearly loved her family and friends.  She was also the funniest woman I have ever known!  She had a talent for making everyone laugh with her quick wit and funny sayings, and her colorful sense of humor and contagious laughter are missed every single day.  Her loss leaves a hole in my heart that will never be filled.  Annie will never be forgotten.” – Franca DiCenso, longtime close friend.


franca & annie

“The updates, the pictures of her nieces and nephews, and the never ending stories.  Always sharing her love of cooking; I surely will miss her “Easter Pies” she made, and the look on her face as she watched you sample anything she baked.  Very close in age to Anne, we were able to exchange memories and stories of our childhood and how life has become so complicated.  The simple things are overlooked.  The sound of her bracelets clanging as she typed, and that distinctive voice and laugh.  Anne, I miss you.” – Laura McCann, friend and co-worker whose desk was next to Anne’s.



“Anne was a big Soprano’s fan and we always discussed each episode, there was at least 7 seasons and so much to cover. There was one show we both laughed about all the time, Anne’s favorite episode, when Tony Soprano’s sister killed Richie Aprile. “Whattya gonna cry now?” and “Got to go see the eye doctor” were some of our favorite lines.  Anne would finish a sentence off sometimes with an “Alrighty” or Alright very accentuated.  Annie had an infectious smile every morning no matter what she greeted me sometimes she would say “Doll face”, and if I didn’t smile she would say “What?”. — Mike Lalli, Anne’s longtime friend and co-worker of over 20 years.

Anne and Mike

Anne & Mike

“Annie was not only a co-worker, but was a good friend for over the past 18 years.  We shared so many great times together, which I will forever cherish.  She had such a wonderful personality, was extremely funny and had a way with words.  She was full of expressions, such as…. “Snap out of it Sistaah”, which she would say Annie3to me on many occasions,  along with “Build a bridge an get over it already”.  I find myself using many of her expressions frequently, and think of her fondly.   Anne shared in many stages of my life events, as I was single when I started my career at Hobbs Brook Management.  We attended many events together,  she Annie5helped me design my engagement ring, assisted me when I was planning the wedding, and even went with me when for my final fitting of my wedding dress.  She gave me pointers on raising my children, and always provided me with great advice on many lifetime experiences.  Anne loved her family more than anything as they meant the world to her!   She loved baking for many family functions and work events.  Her chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and banana bread were my favorite! For many years Anne was the voice of Hobbs Brook Management.  She was that dynamic person on the other end of the phone that our tenants would speak with when they had any concerns or on tenant related matters.  Anne always had a warm friendly voice and really took the time and got to know most of our tenants.  Hobbs Brook Management truly suffered a great loss!  We love and miss Anne so very much!” —Trish Holland, Anne’s close friend and co-worker of 18 years.  



Annie will always have a special place in the Hobbs Brook office and in the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to have known her. We miss you!  

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7 responses to “Remembering Annemarie Corazzini”

  1. Kim Crabill says:

    I was not lucky enough to know Annie, but I subscribe to your blog and wanted to let you know this is an amazing tribute, she looks like she was a very special person to all of you in different ways. Your heartfelt remembrances touched me very much. Thank you for sharing. Condolences to you and her family.

  2. Frances Gauthier says:

    Although I did not know Annie long she was a big part of my life. We took trips to Foxwoods together and always had a great time. I was privileged to become part of a very special group of girls that Annie was a part of. I miss my phone calls to her and still find myself going for the phone to call her. I miss her terribly but am glad she is not suffering anymore. Rest in peace my Annie. Love you

  3. Mary MacInnis says:

    Annie was the best sister and friend anyone could ask for. She was always there for me and my family. My kids were always like her kids and my grandchildren were her life. The emptiness I feel without her here is beyond anything I could’ve imagined. Annie loved her job and the great people she worked with. Thank you to all for the kind words. It certainly brings a smile on my face. Annie certainly is missed by so many. Love you Annie to the moon and back.

  4. Lonnie Toli says:

    Annie was a great lady and our go to person at the office park. We not only worked in the same office park but I was also lucky enough to be her friend outside of work. She will be missed by everyone who knew her.
    Thank you Hobbs Brook for the very nice write up. I’m pretty sure Annie would approve!

    Rest easy my friend Annie!

  5. Bob Ward says:

    What a wonderful tribute! I did not know Annie but this kind of remembrance makes me so proud to partner to Hobbs Brook in Atlanta. Loved reading all the stories especially the note on The Sopranos. Well done! Bob Ward.

  6. Liz Shaw says:

    Annie always took care of all the guys. She was definitely my husbands favorite. She always made all the staff at Hobbs Brook look great. She was always a big part of all the solutions and not the problems. She was a tremendous liaison between the tenants and the Hobbs Brook crew. Annie was the “go to” person when you needed support. Not only a business issue, but always there for you on personal issues. Her smile was contagious and her heart always sincere. To say that you are missed is definitely understated. God Bless. Liz and Ron

  7. Lorna Lill-Wojsznis says:

    My friend – Although I only knew Annie for a few short years, I felt blessed to be able to call her a friend. The first time meeting Annie here at HBM I knew we were going to become good friends. Those one liners, her laughter, her stories that she would share with me always put a smile on my face. I truly miss her. Friendship isn’t a big thing It’s a million little things. Rest in Peace Annie!

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