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Meet Greg: An Integral Part of the Hobbs Brook Corporate Dining Team

By on Jul. 21, 2015

Written by Justin Pickering

Excerpted from Boston News Network….

“There is a special guy in my office building. His name is Greg. When I first met him, I did not think much of him. He was quiet, standing peacefully in the back of my office building’s corporate cafeteria kitchen. Sometimes I would see him carrying pots and pans. Other times, he was slicing vegetables. I didn’t think much of the diminutive 64 year old wearing a maroon hat with the letters OKLAHOMA in all caps sprawled across the front.

What inspired this article is how Greg manages his life and how he brings joy to everyone who knows him. You see, Greg has a neurological and developmental disorder that makes him a very special asset to his team at the Hobbs Brook corporate cafeteria, the company that owns and manages the property my company inhabits. I got to know him over the months since I’ve started working here and after a while, I knew that Greg’s story would be nothing short of inspirational…”

Read the whole article and interview with Greg and Duane HERE.

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