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Goal: A Solar Array on Every Rooftop

By on Feb. 25, 2015

Green Savings

Technology Is Paramount To Sustainable Design Process

Goal: A Solar Array On Every Rooftop

By Bradley Cardoso

Excerpted From Banker and Tradesman…


Brad Cardoso, Principal Architect at Hobbs Brook Management


“Renovating, rehabilitating and building new Class A office space presents many exciting opportunities for innovative and sustainable design solutions that push the boundaries of available technology. Applications that operate our lights, heating and cooling systems, window shades and plumbing fixtures are being developed and then improved upon daily. Designers must remain aware of new developments, and investigate and then consider these options for present and future projects. In order to provide the latest and highest-quality product for our tenants, the forward movement towards sustainable design trends is crucial for attracting and retaining our Class A clientele.

Tenants are asking for applications that benefit their bottom line, and many are interested in preserving the environment for their own benefit and to ensure the health of their employees. Many techniques are easy and have been widely implemented for a long time. Automatic faucets and water closets and motion-detecting light sensors are common elements of current office amenities. Some newer and grander initiatives include the following:…”  READ MORE HERE

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One response to “Goal: A Solar Array on Every Rooftop”

  1. Gregory P. Wynne says:

    Can you use a soon to be CCSU Construction Management graduate with a hardcore “green” ethic, NABCEP entry-level certification, Solar PV training and an electrical contractors license to help you put solar on all your rooftops?

    I am totally impressed by your clear and unabashed commitment to sustainable development on your properties.

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