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Welcome to Brad Cardoso, AIA

By on Jan. 26, 2015

(Photo by Bruce Rogovin)

Exerpted from High Profile Monthly:

Waltham, MA – Hobbs Brook Management LLC, a developer of office space in the Boston suburbs, has announced that Bradley Cardoso, AIA, has joined the firm as a project manager and principal architect. He will be replacing Gerard (Jerry) M. LeBlanc, AIA, as the firm’s principal architect, who will retire in June 2015 after 17 years with the firm. Brad’s primary role will be to ensure design and construction activities in Hobbs Brook’s growing portfolio, contributing value and a positive environment for its tenants and their employees.

Brad’s responsibilities include overseeing the construction of all major capital projects, hiring and managing contractors and the design team, and ensuring all buildings and related construction projects adhere to Hobbs Brook’s stringent standards of quality. As an architect accustomed to designing a building and then turning it over to a client, Brad is most looking forward to working on projects that will remain under his management for the long term, and building relationships with tenants who occupy those spaces…

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