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Hobbs Brook Celebrates 404 Wyman Street Solar Array

By on Dec. 15, 2014

Hobbs Brook Management LLC (HBM) celebrated the 404 Wyman Street Solar Array by having a “Light the Night” ceremony.  The event took place in the south lobby of 404 Wyman Street in Waltham from 5:00-7:00pm on Thursday, December 11th.  All tenants of 404 Wyman Street were invited to enjoy cocktails and light appetizers after work in appreciation of their patience and cooperation during the construction process. Votive candles with the HBM logo were given out to attendees as they left the event.

HBM Candles

HBM Candles

Going along with the “Light the Night” theme, the lobby lights were turned down to a minimum for the beginning of the event.  Kevin Casey, Vice President of Hobbs Brook, plugged in the display of lights, illuminating the lobby with bright white lights and sparkling snowflakes.  “This event is primarily to thank all of our tenants for putting up with construction activities and reduced parking while we completed our solar project. We can’t thank them enough for their patience and support throughout the construction,” said Kevin Casey, who is also director of Construction and Real Estate at Hobbs Brook.  Mr. Casey also announced that HBM would be donating $2,500 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as they have an annual Light the Night Walk to end cancer.

Other attendees of the event were representatives from Columbia Construction, AHA Consulting Engineers, Absolute Green Energy, and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

From left: Kevin Casey and Mike Burns of Hobbs Brook Management; Mike Brown, AHA; Chris McCarthy, Columbia Construction; Mike Ortolano, Absolute Green Energy; Santo, Dettore, Hobbs Brook Management.

From left: Kevin Casey and Mike Burns of Hobbs Brook Management; Mike Brown, AHA; Chris McCarthy, Columbia Construction; Mike Ortolano, Absolute Green Energy; Santo Dettore, Hobbs Brook Management.

The new solar panels will provide Hobbs Brook Management and its tenants with:

  • 100% renewable power generation onsite, which will be fed back into the existing electrical switchgear and will reduce the electrical power purchased from utility companies
  •  Zero carbon emissions while generating 825,000 kw hours of electricity annually from the sun
  • Covered garage parking for 404 Wyman Street tenants and visitors
  • Reduced snow removal and salting operations that can damage concrete structures and surrounding ecosystems
  • More than 20 million kw hours of electric generation over the lifetime of the system

With this solar project, Hobbs Brook is continuing its mission to provide its tenants with a sustainable business environment.  Further plans include constructing solar arrays on top of 275 Wyman Street, and 610 Lincoln Street in Waltham, and 95 Hayden Avenue in Lexington, Mass.

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