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Solar Array Project Underway at 404 Wyman Street

By on Oct. 31, 2014

Hobbs Brook Management, LLC (HBM) is proud to announce the launch of the 404 Wyman Street Garage Solar Array Project.  With the future in mind, HBM is beginning a line of projects, starting with the Solar Array, that will continue to establish Hobbs Brook as a leader in sustainable commercial properties.

For the Solar Array Project, Columbia Energy designed and has begun installing Photovoltaic Solar Electrical Systems on the top levels of both the north and south parking garages.  The garages were determined to be the most efficient and effective locations for the solar panels.  Able to withstand snow and designed to control water run off, the panels are tilted to maximize energy output.

PV Solar Electrical System Benefits:

Provide covered parking.

Panels will generate 825,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually to be used by the 404 Wyman Street building and over 20 million kilowatt hours over the system’s lifetime.

Reduce snow removal and salting operations.

Reduce operating costs.

Clean, renewable energy generation.

Zero carbon emissions.

Solar panel progress as of 10/31/2014

Solar panel progress as of 10/31/2014

This is a very exciting time for Hobbs Brook as we strive to reach our long term sustainability and energy goals!

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