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Hobbs Brook President Tom Dusel Inducted into Waltham High School Hall of Fame

By on Oct. 24, 2014

Waltham High School’s Annual Athletic Hall of Fame was held on Friday, October 17th at Hobbs Brook Management’s 225 Wyman Street cafeteria.  Every year, Waltham High School inducts former athletes and supporters into the Hall of Fame and honors them at a dinner organized by the Waltham High School Hall of Fame Committee.  The inductees were also invitedIMG_0062 to the WHS football game at Leary Field the following day and were introduced at halftime.

The 2014 inductees were Lalayna (Twitchell) Fisher, Russ Bonilla, Matt Beck, Dan DiVito, Coach John Maguire, the 1980/1981 Girls Cross Country Teams, and Hobbs Brook’s President and COO, Tom Dusel.  Tom was inducted as a benefactor for his continued support of Waltham High School and the community.

Tom supports Waltham community organizations both personally and as president of Hobbs Brook Management.  He has contributed to the Waltham Gridiron Club’s Scholarship fund, the Lions Club, and the Boys and Girls Club, among others.  Tom’s support and generosity of the Waltham community has earned him a permanent spot on the Wall of Fame at Waltham High School.

This year, 190 people attended the WHS Athletic Hall of Fame

This year, 190 people attended the WHS Athletic Hall of Fame

Also attending the event; mayor Jeannette McCarthy (pictured) and Bob Marcou (pictured left).  Not only is Bob owner of the local Marcou Jewelers, but he has also been a dedicated contributor to the community through volunteer work and raising money for charities.  He has been serving the Waltham community for more than 52 years.

Hobbs Brook Management, LLC would like to congratulate the 2014 inductees of Waltham High School’s Athletic Hall of Fame!

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