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Hobbs Brook Teams Up With United Way For Halloweek

By on Oct. 17, 2014

HBM United Way Door

HBM lobby turned into a spooky scene for United Way

Hobbs Brook Management, LLC (HBM) teamed up with United Way for their annual “Halloweek”. This time every year, the HBM office lobby gets turned into a spooky scene! The lobby was covered in cob webs, giant spiders, bats, a creepy skeleton, and the lights were dimmed for the full effect.

HBM and United Way staff set up tables with donated items such as gift cards, cupcakes, cookies, and candy. There was also a 50/50 raffle. All proceeds from this event went to the United Way. The United Way charity supports education, income stability, and health throughout the country. They strive to improve education and reduce the number of high school drop outs. They also help low income families  become more financially stable, and promote healthy lifestyles for youth and adults.

Dracula's Pretzel Rods made by Laura

Dracula’s Pretzel Rods made by Laura McCann

HBM also supports United Way by donating for jeans. The HBM staff who are interested in wearing jeans on Fridays must donate $2.00 per week, or $75.00 per year. Wearing jeans to work while supporting a great cause – we would say that’s a win!

We now have a Facebook page! Be sure to check it out for more HBM updates, news, and events.

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