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Hobbs Brook Management Donates $8,000 to Waltham Gridiron Foundation

By on Feb. 05, 2014
Hobbs Brook Management, LLC, a pioneer in the development of office space in the Boston suburbs, announced that it has donated $8,000 to the Waltham Gridiron Foundation. Continuing a 16-year tradition, Hobbs Brook Management donated $200 for every touchdown earned by the Waltham High School Hawks football team this season.
“The continuous support of Hobbs Brook Management has allowed the Waltham Gridiron Foundation to thrive in its mission to encourage and assist the student-athletes who are members of the Waltham High School football team and cheerleaders,” said Nick Egirous, president of the Foundation.
“On behalf of the Foundation, we thank Hobbs Brook for being a vital part of our success.” Tom Dusel, president and chief operating officer of Hobbs Brook Management, presented the check to the Foundation at a banquet provided by his company at its Forefront Conference Center at 404 Wyman Street. The banquet was attended by 180 football players, cheerleaders and family members.

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