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Hobbs Brook Management lends building for Fire Department Training

By on Jul. 10, 2008

The existing building at 175 Wyman Street, currently undergoing demolition, was the site of training exercises conducted by the Waltham Fire Department recently. Hobbs Brook Management, the owner and manager of this and nine other buildings within the Hobbs Brook Office Park, granted permission to the Fire Department upon their request for space that could adequately simulate dangerous conditions that may occur during fire and rescue emergencies.

Training, which took place over four days and in two shifts per day, was comprised of several types of emergency situation and response. Search and rescue drills were conducted by hiding training mannequins within closed rooms and timing the fire fighters on how quickly they were discovered and removed from the building. Other drills included trapping a fire fighter in a room and having him or her practice getting out through any means except the door. This includes cutting holes in walls or breaking windows. One of the more important things the fire fighters practiced was how to ventilate a roof, which is often the first thing that must be done when responding to a fire call.

“We’re grateful to Hobbs Brook Management for allowing us to come in and train at their site,” said Deputy Stephen Mahoney, training officer for Waltham Fire Department. “We don’t often get the opportunity to come into a building already being demolished and be able to cut into it in order to accurately simulate a fire emergency. The fire fighters got to practice a lot of different scenarios – they loved it.”

The building proved to be the perfect space in which to practice rescue activities due to the combination of small, windowless rooms and large, warehouse spaces. Small rooms and lots of walls provided ample obstacles for the fire department to train within a completely blacked out environment without the need for smoke machines and black-out curtains. The immense warehouse spaces allowed for large-scale searching, and the high ceilings provided sufficient height in which to cut a hole in the roof and drop a rescue basket through. Although an unusual layout, the building proved to be a good challenge for the fire department because of its extra thick concrete walls and extremely long hallways. 250-foot ropes, used extensively during rescue efforts to maintain contact with the fire fighters, were often doubled to allow for the grandeur of the building interiors.


175-185 Wyman Street

Once the existing building has been demolished, Hobbs Brook Management will be erecting two new office buildings on the site.

The campus at 175-185 Wyman Street will be comprised of two new buildings encompassing over 330,000 square feet. Located directly adjacent to Hobbs Brook Office Park, which consists of nine buildings totaling over 1.2 million square feet, the addition of 175-185 Wyman Street to the existing Park will allow Hobbs Brook Management to create a more dynamic office environment while offering the best access to any office park on Route 128. The total office park will now be over 1.5 million square feet.

175-185 Wyman Street will have convenient structured and surface parking, mature landscaping, and direct access to Route 128/95 via the Wyman Street on/off ramp located directly across from the entrance to the new office park. Additionally, tenant signage will be directly visible from Route 128/95 and spectacular water views of the reservoir and the hills of Weston will be available to tenants.

Construction is currently scheduled to begin in the summer of 2008 with completion expected in late 2009/early 2010.

The project team consists of:

  • Owner: Hobbs Brook Management, LLC
  • Leasing Agent: Wyman Street Advisors
  • Architect: Margulies & Associates
  • Construction Manager: Columbia Construction Corp.
  • M/E/P: AHA Consulting Engineers
  • Landscape architecture, site planning, environmental permitting, and civil engineering: John G. Crowe Associates, Inc.
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Haley & Aldrich
  • Transportation Engineer: VHB
  • Structural Engineer: Goldstein-Milano
  • Cafeteria Architect: Colburn & Guyette
  • LEED Consultant: Richard Moore Environmental Consulting
  • Lighting Design: Lisa Zidel Lighting Design
  • Elevator Consultant: Lerch Bates & Associates
  • Specifications Writer: Kalin & Associates, Inc.

About Hobbs Brook Management LLC

As both owner and operator, Hobbs Brook Management LLC is committed to providing its tenants and their employees with a reliable and fully functional business environment. For information, please visit

Media Contact:
Jennifer Shelby
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